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Removal of Trans Fats
Numerous projects have been carried out to re-formulate foods to exclude trans fats. Examples include baked products such as toaster pastries, fruit pies, croissants, cheesecakes, puff pastries and processed foods such as margarines and spreads.
Development of High-performance Products
Use of Neutraceuticals in Functional Foods
Case Studies
Some typical examples of recent case studies and ongoing projects :

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Several projects have been carried out for clients whose requirement was for an improvement in the functional performance of their ingredients in end-product applications.
Development of a number of novel food products, which have proven health benefits. Examples include fortification with omega-3 fatty acids and enrichment with vitamins, and minerals such as calcium.
Optimization of Product Processes
When food products are re-formulated, it is often necessary for manufacturers to re-design their processes to accommodate the changes. This can involve identifying additional equipment, re-configuring process lines, optimizing the processing conditions or a combination of all three approaches. 
Start-up of New Projects
Assistance has been provided to many manufacturers who have experienced difficulty with running their production processes. This usually involves analysis of the existing process regime, and making recommendations for the changes necessary to obtain improvement.
Commissioning of new production lines, training of operations staff, specifications for design of QA facilities & recommendations for laboratory equipment. Start-up of pilot plant installations together with training of R. & D. staff and advice on the running of development programs.
Plant Design
Design of new plant installations on a turnkey basis. Coordination of plant installation projects from the specification stage right through to implementation and start-up of the new operation.
" Mike has been essential in helping TMCI Chemtech win many new projects, particularly in the US & the Middle East, over the last 10 years. In addition, he has been an invaluable source of technical expertise for our customers all over the world, and has been involved in many successful NPD and process improvement projects on our behalf. "

  - Nigel Smales,
    Manager Director,
    TMCI Chemtech